Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New Sponsor - Kialoa Paddles

My dad and I are moving forward in our preparation for the Missouri 340 this summer. Less then 30 days till registration opens and 6 months before the challenge. This will be our big event promoting breast cancer awareness for 2009.

We have acquired a new sponsor for raising awareness for breast cancer research - Kialoa Paddles. It's pretty exciting when people are believing in what you are doing. My Dad said they are going to custom build a paddle for me with a narrow shaft and blade for long distance paddling. :-)

Kialoa Paddles have been supporting research for skin cancer through the Skin Cancer Foundation and also have a paddle scholarship available to any youth through their website.

So as we move forward and raise awareness for breast cancer research, we bring on another sponsor for 2009. Presently Kruger canoes is supplying us with a Kruger Cruiser and Kialoa Paddles is supplying us with a set of custom paddles. How cool is that!

Remember to click on the partners to the right of your screen and become part of the cure!! Oh Dad! A Kialoa paddle in a dogs mouth! It's a sign!!

Thanks for tuning in - Boo


Silbs said...

Good for you. I am happy that the preperations are going so well and that you've hitched up with another sponsor. Let us know how the paddle they make for you works out...and keep up all the good stuff you are doing.

Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Thanks Doc!!