Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We're home!!

If you find yourself loosing touch with reality and you need a jump start, take a serious look at adventure / expedition paddle sailing as a way to find yourself. In particular, the Everglades Challenge.

We will recap over the next week or so. Boo still has a smile on her face and asked the question; What's next dad? See you out on the pond! - The Capt'n

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Super Boo's Team has Finished the Everglades Challenge!

At 1:20 Saturday afternoon, Super Boo's Team successfully completed the 2008 Everglades Challenge!!! IT was high winds and tough paddling coming into the home stretch, but with the finish line just ahead everyone was determined to keeping their paddles in the water and their sails full of wind! Here's a picture Brian took of the what the last day looked like.

After the Team got off the water, Mark was able to catch up on some needed R&R!

They are on the flight home right now, still in awe of their accomplishment. What an amazing thing for a young woman like Marissa to accomplish at this point in her life. We're all so proud of you Boo!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Closing in on the Finish

Super Boo's team reached CP 3 at Flamingo yesterday. Because of high winds, they were unable to get back on the water right away. The 20-30 mph winds caused all small craft to be pulled of the water today until the winds subsided. Super Boo's team spent a few much needed hours on shore with many other EC paddlers.

Here's the view form the boat as they were coming into Flamingo (CP3).

Last night they attempted a night passage to close the 32 mile gap to the finish. Unfortunately the winds didn't subside for long - they managed to cover 2 miles in 2 hours because of a fierce south southeast headwind. As this report was called in the Team was tied to mangroves, out of the wind, attempting to ride it out. They did catch a great view of a horseshoe crab while they were waiting!

As soon as the wind shifts to the south southwest, Super Boo's Team will be on their way again to the finish!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Closing in on CP 3

An update was just received from Super Boo's Team! They were making good headway on 20-hour straight push for CP 3, but began battling fierce head winds last night. After contemplating their situation, they decided to sleep for a few hours at Graveyard.

They were back on the water at 7:00am today, and are still pushing through strong winds to reach CP 3. But with only 9 miles left to their destination, they are expecting to check in around 5:00 tonight. After 5 days on the water, Super Boo's Team is still loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Moving Ahead

Super Boo's team called in an update at 2:53 am this morning. After riding out the weather on shore last night, they awoke at 11:00pm, re-packed gear and shoved off at 12:00am, heading for CP 2.

At 3:15 this morning, they were at Indian Key waiting for the tide to subside. At that time they were only 8 miles from CP 2. They are planning on checking in at CP 2 later this morning, and the forging ahead to continue the race!

Another update has just come in! Super Boo, Brian and Mark made it to CP 2 mid-morning today. A video of the group was taken as they were entering the CP and will hopefully be posted on the WaterTribe site soon.

With the hopes of getting to CP 3 quickly, they have laid quite a challenge in front of them. Super Boo's team is hoping to cover the 62 miles that separate them from the next CP by completing a 20-hour straight push all the way to Flamingo. With the winds in their favor and sunny skies, they can do it!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

High Winds, Big Weather

It sounds like the bad weather Super Boo's team has been expecting has finally arrived. It was slow going today, with strong head winds and big waves. Because of the strong weather, they have covered only 3 miles in the last 2.5 hours! Although the many dolphins they saw today brightened their spirits!

Sandy Bottom and River John forged ahead, while Brian, Boo and Mark decided to play it safe and pull off for a few hours. They are currently on Gullivan Key, and are planning on staying there to ride out the weather.

They will use this down time to re-fuel, re-pack, and rest up for the days ahead. Currently they are only 17 miles outside of CP 2, and should reach it within a few hours of getting back on the water - high winds pending!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Day Three

Last night Super Boo's team got a few hours of sleep. They awoke at 1:00 this morning to check the weather, and luckily it was clear enough to paddle on! By 2:30am, Super Boo, Brian, Mark, Sandy Bottom and River John were on the water pushing on.

The early morning brought great excitement - they saw dolphins, manatees and a huge whale spouted 50 feet from their boat. That was a first for everyone!

The group has been staying closer to shore today in case the weather gets bad. They encountered lots of wind and paddled a lot today. They are currently camping at Gordon Pass, and hoping to push on quickly to catch the west wind around Flamingo. After some good rest tonight, Super Boo's team will continue to press on to CP 2.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Successful Day on the Ocean!

This afternoon the Super Boo team was heading towards York Island, catching south easterly winds and cruising at a comfortable 5-10 mph. They have been enjoying sunny skies and good wind all day long.

Here's a picture of Boo taking in the sun, and one of Mark paddling just ahead of Brian and Boo.

Bad weather is expected to roll in some time tonight. The plan is to make camp for a few hours, and assess the weather very early tomorrow morning. Super Boo's team has caught up with Sandy Bottom and River John, and all are camping the night on Picnic Key.

The entire group will wake up at 2:00am to see what type of weather has blown in. If it looks safe, they will shove of then and continue their trip to CP 2. If safety is a concern, the team will remain at camp and get a few more hours of much deserved sleep!

Through CP 1

Super Boo's team made it to CP 1 at 12:45am this morning - way ahead of schedule! After some much needed rest, they pushed off to head towards CP 2 at 6:40am this morning. The weather is looking promising and they are sailing smoothly towards Chokoloskee Island.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Race Has Began!

Brian and Boo are on the ocean! Their Everglades Challenge adventure started at 7:00am this morning, under sunny skies. Temperatures are currently in the high 60's. They are paddling with Mark from Krueger canoes - sticking together and having fun! The race started in Tampa Bay and Brian, Boo and Mark decided to take the outside route to catch better wind. Boo had a bout of sea sickness this morning, but has recovered enough to enjoy a tortilla with peanut butter and honey and an apple for lunch. She's now completely recovered and is loving sailing on the ocean!
Riding 2-3 foot swells, they are working their way towards Venice Inlet to change into warmer night clothes. They have decided to stay in the Inter Coastal waterways for the night to be safe. The plan is to continue to paddle on to CP1 at Grand Tours tonight. Estimated time of arrival is 2-3:00am. Here are some pictures from their first few hours.

Spirits are high and everyone is having a great time. Updates will be posted as the come in - check back often!