Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pledge Sheet

I made this cool pledge sheet and have it at my Aunt's Little Gym. Here is the information to contact them if you want to make a pledge for my mom.

Call or stop by the Little Gym and they will put your name on the pledge sheet. You could e-mail my Dad at too and he can get the information we need. Name - how much per mile - how to contact you when the Everglades Challenge is over.

The Little Gym of Lake Country - click here for a map
2740 Heritage Drive Wal-Mart Center Delafield, WI 53018

Phone: (262) 646-8990
Thank you!! Boo

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Dad The Christmas Elf!

We watched old home videos over Christmas with my Dad. There is a very funny story behind this picture and video we have from Christmas when I was 2 years old!!
You have to believe to receive - Dad


My dad said I should add some stuff to my blog while I am on break and some of my friends and family have asked my Dad and I how we will train for the Everglades Challenge. So here goes.
I have a 4 day work out plan, but have been missing stuff cause of the holidays and school.
There are are a lot of stomach and back exercises that my Dad showed me. Torso twists, crunches and flutter kicks. Then I do these bent over rows and swimmers things which my dad invented for shoulders and back. I also do push-ups and chair dips.
Right now I am doing 2 sets of 15 each. I will go up a set each week until I hit 6 sets. Then my dad said I should back off for two weeks before the event, but still get workouts in.
My dad spends hours on the paddling simulator watching old movies, but also does weights and stomach stuff. I don't have one of those at my mom's house so I just do the exercises.
If the weather is good we may go paddling on New Years Day with the paddle club on Columbia Lake. It never freezes cause it is a lake used for cooling the power plant. The water is very warm and there is a fog that is created. We will paddle our two person canoe so we can practice together.
The End

My Mom and stuff

My mom is doing pretty good. Today is her last kimo before her surgery on January 14th. My sister and I had plans to go to Chicago with my Aunt Jenny before the surgery was scheduled, but now we want to stay home with mom and help out. We will know alot more after her surgery.

I got lots of pledges this past month, which is way cool. My friend Morgan gave me a gift card at Gander Mountain Outfitters to get stuff for the Everglades Challenge. I bought a survival kit in a water bottle and a jacket with my gift card. Thanks Morggy!

I got some cool stuff from my Dad and Laura for Christmas. I got this really cool knife, whistle compass, strobe light, headlamp. It's cool cause it's my gear and not just my Dad's stuff. There is a lot of stuff I still have to get.

I am off of school for the holidays, so I am going to start doing some of the new workouts my dad gave me. I kinda forgot some of the exercises, so we went over them again.

The spare bedroom is getting filled with paddling gear. We have to sort through the gear we are going to take and get it boxed up so we can ship it down before the challenge. We don't want to take a chance that our luggage is lost or stuff is broke on the plane.

Merry Christmas!

The End - Boo

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Is this good daddy? If not send me an e-mail

Kick'n it on the Vermillion River

When the first time my mom told me that she had breast cancer I was shocked. I guess that wasn't what I expected to hear, but I new I would have to do something about it. Then she got her hair shaved off. Wow was that an experience! We went out shopping for bandannas scarfs and hats.

Then the big stuff, the chemo treatments. First it was once a month then every two weeks then every week on Friday. After her treatments, she gets very tired.

So I am really trying to help out at home. Always listen. Help out do the dishes, wash cloths, and be responsible. So just wanted to let everyone know that there is a lot going on and I am trying to be helpful.


[Boo - Perfect Boo!! Just perfect!! Love Dad]

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

For my mom - anything for a buck

Here is a picture of me trying to raise money a couple years back to go to Belize with my Dad on one of his PEAK CAMP eco-tech camps. I never did get to go, as I dislocated my knee and was in a immobilizer for 3 months.

So this adventure with Dad to Florida to compete in the Everglades Challenge is way cool. A lot of people behind us and helping us out.

Ellen Sawyers - Our fundraising guru has done a candle sale right before the holidays and got us a couple hundred bucks for us. My pledge sheet at the little gym is doing OK, a couple people have signed on, so that's cool.

I've been doing these crazy exercises with soup cans and milk jugs that my Dad showed me. He calls them his old man exercises. Lots of back and shoulder stuff and lots of ab rotations crunches and sit-ups. My martial arts class is ending this week so I need to find other things to do to get strong. My Dad suggested bending down and picking up my room.

He's such a kidder! Luv ya Dad! :-)