Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting ready

My Dad and I spent most of Saturday sorting through my gear and getting organized. My paddling boots and a lot of my paddling clothes don't fit any more. So shopping!!

Laura picked out a long sleeve long pants paddling out fit for me and my Dad fitted me to my new life jacket and got all the safety gear attached. I still need to find some foul weather pants and jacket. I have a bunch of under layer clothes, fleece jacket and vest. But we are having a hard time finding a good set of rain gear my size.

We only have a couple of weeks before we box everything up and ship it to Mark at Kruger canoes.

My Dad worked with me on reading the compass. Taking a bearing. How to work the strobe on my life jacket, stuff like that. We mostly paddle the inland lakes and rivers in Wisconsin, so a lot of the stuff is really specific to being out on the ocean. I learned about using the signal mirror and when to blow the emergency whistle too.


Then we went down stairs and looked at charts. It is a very long way. My Dad showed me all the check points, where we plan to stop and the Wilderness Waterway. Places like the Shark River, Alligator Creek and Whitewater Bay. Come on!!


My mom had her surgery on Monday. We stayed home from school and went to the hospital with her. She is doing OK but is very sore. She'll be off of work for a few weeks recovering.


The End.



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Kristen said...

What fun, Boo! Doesn't all this make the excited bubble in your stomach seem that much more real and grow that little bit bigger?! Can't wait to see you out there when we all arrive.