Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boo weathering the storm

Everglades Challenge 2008 - Picture Courtesy RiverJohn
Boo smiling after weathering the storm that blew over us on the Everglades Challenge... and she is smiling again as she is on the mend and will be able to go back for her last week of school. Boo is excited to say good bye to all her school mates and enjoy the end of the year festivities.


Stephanie said...

I think I might be a little late to the party because I just saw your segment on "News to Me".

I had to come read up on your adventures and progress throughout your many journeys.

Congratulations to you and all you've accomplished so far at such a young age, you should be EXTREMELY proud of yourself because you've done more than many people have accomplished in a lifetime.

Stay positive, brave and adventurous because there needs to be more selfless people like you in the world. Your parents did an amazing job raising such a strong girl and your courage gives hope to those of us who have a loved one suffering from cancer.

Thank you. I know I will see many more great things from you.

Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Rev. Roland A. Duby said...

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