Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Boo's Back!!

It's been a long time coming, Boo is back! Off the bench so to speak. The Doc has given the nod to hit the water. Swim paddle splash around, all the things that a kid want to do on their summer vacation.

Boo is on the fast track to tune up her paddling skills for the Manistee 150 in early August. We wait for verification from the race director for the nod to move forward. There is always a sense of hesitation when you drop the paddle and say you want to team up with an 11 year old.

We plan to go un-ranked as Boo's sister M&M wants to paddle as well. So we'll be cruising with 3 in the boat. Fast touring.

We will again bring awareness for a cure for breast cancer. We ask that you donate directly to the Susan G. Komen Milwaukee affiliation website.

Big thanks to Mark and our sponsor Kruger Canoes for lining up another Kruger Cruiser for the big event.

To Stephanie, those kind words... thank you.

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Silbs said...

Up to more good work, I see. Good for you.