Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Big Picture

Big Daddy and Super Boo
My mom is feeling a little nervous having me on the ocean in a canoe. I have to admit it is something that I am thinking about too. My dad says we will go over the what ifs and how-bouts.

The Everglades Challenge is no paddle around Rock Lake. It's like 3 back to back Hardcore Adventure Camps - with no campfires and no swimming stops and no smores.

Mark from Kruger Canoes is thinking of paddle with us. He is going to shoot some video and take some pictures. He has the record for the most Everglades Challenges completed plus he has gone all the way around Florida in the WaterTribe Ultimate Challenge.

My dad says there is safety in numbers. This is really happening!



Silbs said...

Wow, I can feel your excitement from the way you tell about it all. I am enjoying your writing very much.

Kristen said...

Terrific photo of the team there, Boo! Keep up the good work.