Monday, November 12, 2007

Paddling with Dad

My dad and I spent most of Saturday getting stuff together for my pledge sheets.

We went to the bank and set up the Adventures of Super Boo account. It took a lot of time, most of the morning. The bank manager Mrs. Shoenborn was really helpful and nice

Then we went to Ben Franklin Craft store. I picked up all the supplies for my poster. My aunt Jenny said I could put it up at her Little Gym. Lots of people will see my poster there.I hope I get lots of pledges for my mom.

We stopped to look for new paddling boots and other stuff. I wanted to buy a knife for my life jacket, but my dad said no for right now.

We finally got to go paddling. My dad gave me a thermometer to see how cold the water was. It was pretty cold, 45 degrees. We paddled along the shore in case we fell in. We went all the way around Fowler lake. My dad gave me the GPS so I could see how as I was going. That was pretty cool.

We put in at the board walk. It's nice because it is pretty shallow and there was no wind. It was the first time I went all the way around Fowler lake in my own kayak. We were going to paddle on another lake but my sister was at home alone and we would have been gone too long.

It got kinda windy on the other side of the lake. I got pushed into the seawall and kinda scratched the kayak. I had the skeg down and I couldn't turn the boat cause of the wind.

My dad was more worried about me falling in the water then anything else. My Dad said cold wet and miserable was not a good way to end the paddle. I didn't fall in but got my hands wet. I needed to put my gloves back on.

My dad made me go back and paddle under this tree for a photo. It is right by the church where my Grandma is buried. We couldn't pass up this photo OP with the leaves in the trees.

I'm too far away from shore and my dad is telling me to move closer.

We are cutting across the inlet for the Oconomowoc River. We normally paddle up river to Riverside Park. But I wanted to paddle all the way around the lake.

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The End - Boo


Silbs said...

A good boat and a father who loves you. Life is good. You're a lucky girl.

Silbs said...

No blog for a while. I hope you are not letting your school work get in the way of kayaking and blogging :-) (You know I am kidding).

Silbs said...

Okay, I can be patient, but come winter break the world is expecting another blog from you. No pressure :-)