Tuesday, December 4, 2007

For my mom - anything for a buck

Here is a picture of me trying to raise money a couple years back to go to Belize with my Dad on one of his PEAK CAMP eco-tech camps. I never did get to go, as I dislocated my knee and was in a immobilizer for 3 months.

So this adventure with Dad to Florida to compete in the Everglades Challenge is way cool. A lot of people behind us and helping us out.

Ellen Sawyers - Our fundraising guru has done a candle sale right before the holidays and got us a couple hundred bucks for us. My pledge sheet at the little gym is doing OK, a couple people have signed on, so that's cool.

I've been doing these crazy exercises with soup cans and milk jugs that my Dad showed me. He calls them his old man exercises. Lots of back and shoulder stuff and lots of ab rotations crunches and sit-ups. My martial arts class is ending this week so I need to find other things to do to get strong. My Dad suggested bending down and picking up my room.

He's such a kidder! Luv ya Dad! :-)

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Silbs said...

Dad's have the dumbest ideas :)