Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Successful Day on the Ocean!

This afternoon the Super Boo team was heading towards York Island, catching south easterly winds and cruising at a comfortable 5-10 mph. They have been enjoying sunny skies and good wind all day long.

Here's a picture of Boo taking in the sun, and one of Mark paddling just ahead of Brian and Boo.

Bad weather is expected to roll in some time tonight. The plan is to make camp for a few hours, and assess the weather very early tomorrow morning. Super Boo's team has caught up with Sandy Bottom and River John, and all are camping the night on Picnic Key.

The entire group will wake up at 2:00am to see what type of weather has blown in. If it looks safe, they will shove of then and continue their trip to CP 2. If safety is a concern, the team will remain at camp and get a few more hours of much deserved sleep!

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