Thursday, March 6, 2008

Closing in on CP 3

An update was just received from Super Boo's Team! They were making good headway on 20-hour straight push for CP 3, but began battling fierce head winds last night. After contemplating their situation, they decided to sleep for a few hours at Graveyard.

They were back on the water at 7:00am today, and are still pushing through strong winds to reach CP 3. But with only 9 miles left to their destination, they are expecting to check in around 5:00 tonight. After 5 days on the water, Super Boo's Team is still loving every minute of it!

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Christy said...

Go Boo and Big Daddy ! Super effort by all. Made it through the Wilderness Route, most interesting to follow on this end. At first, I didn't see the narrow passage through to Florida Bay when you said you were on Joe River ... Heart of the Glades! Must have been a great run. I wish you the best on your efforts across the Bay. Years ago (Many!) a UW carbonate geology field trip to the Keys afforded me a great first hand ...leg, ankle, foot, experience in the Thalassia grass covered carbonate mud banks of the mini basins of the bay, I'm sure you'll know it well by the finish. Have a great night of rest and we'll be cheering your team on across the Bay. Key Largo they come!

Watching from the other side of the GOM, Christy in KTx