Friday, March 7, 2008

Closing in on the Finish

Super Boo's team reached CP 3 at Flamingo yesterday. Because of high winds, they were unable to get back on the water right away. The 20-30 mph winds caused all small craft to be pulled of the water today until the winds subsided. Super Boo's team spent a few much needed hours on shore with many other EC paddlers.

Here's the view form the boat as they were coming into Flamingo (CP3).

Last night they attempted a night passage to close the 32 mile gap to the finish. Unfortunately the winds didn't subside for long - they managed to cover 2 miles in 2 hours because of a fierce south southeast headwind. As this report was called in the Team was tied to mangroves, out of the wind, attempting to ride it out. They did catch a great view of a horseshoe crab while they were waiting!

As soon as the wind shifts to the south southwest, Super Boo's Team will be on their way again to the finish!

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Christy said...

Boo and Big Daddy ...CONGRATULATIONS! I saw you're IN from the WT forum. What a great accomplishment! I'm certain it will take a while to "acclimate", the stay at Pelican may have helped THAT out but it sounds like the bay crossing got you back "on task". It was great following you through the week, the Watertribe does a super job getting the data out there. The SPOT was terrific (although there were a couple of "off course" locations reported on rare occations). Congrats also to your wingman ManitouCruiser, SandyBottom, RiverJohn al.

Super Accomplishment!

Christy in KTx