Monday, March 3, 2008

Day Three

Last night Super Boo's team got a few hours of sleep. They awoke at 1:00 this morning to check the weather, and luckily it was clear enough to paddle on! By 2:30am, Super Boo, Brian, Mark, Sandy Bottom and River John were on the water pushing on.

The early morning brought great excitement - they saw dolphins, manatees and a huge whale spouted 50 feet from their boat. That was a first for everyone!

The group has been staying closer to shore today in case the weather gets bad. They encountered lots of wind and paddled a lot today. They are currently camping at Gordon Pass, and hoping to push on quickly to catch the west wind around Flamingo. After some good rest tonight, Super Boo's team will continue to press on to CP 2.

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mpolzin said...

I checked the weather this morning and Florida was the warmest spot in the U.S. at that time.. a balmy 73 degress. I hope the weather hold out for you!