Sunday, March 9, 2008

Super Boo's Team has Finished the Everglades Challenge!

At 1:20 Saturday afternoon, Super Boo's Team successfully completed the 2008 Everglades Challenge!!! IT was high winds and tough paddling coming into the home stretch, but with the finish line just ahead everyone was determined to keeping their paddles in the water and their sails full of wind! Here's a picture Brian took of the what the last day looked like.

After the Team got off the water, Mark was able to catch up on some needed R&R!

They are on the flight home right now, still in awe of their accomplishment. What an amazing thing for a young woman like Marissa to accomplish at this point in her life. We're all so proud of you Boo!

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The Observer said...

hello Boo! my name is Christi and i am from trinidad and tobago, a twin island republic in the southern Caribbean. I was watching one of my favourite shows on cnn, yup you guessed it, news to me, and i saw the feature on you and your heroic conquest. I am inspired by the determination to overcome such sheer physical and mental mountains using the deep love for your mom as an inspiration. I have friends who are survivors of this condition and they all comment on it as a gift that they use to draw on their resourcefulness in overcoming the emotional strain of dealing with such a condition. Well i would like to offer my hearty congratulations to both you and your father for accomplishing your goal. I wish your mom all the best and God's blessings for the future.