Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Moving Ahead

Super Boo's team called in an update at 2:53 am this morning. After riding out the weather on shore last night, they awoke at 11:00pm, re-packed gear and shoved off at 12:00am, heading for CP 2.

At 3:15 this morning, they were at Indian Key waiting for the tide to subside. At that time they were only 8 miles from CP 2. They are planning on checking in at CP 2 later this morning, and the forging ahead to continue the race!

Another update has just come in! Super Boo, Brian and Mark made it to CP 2 mid-morning today. A video of the group was taken as they were entering the CP and will hopefully be posted on the WaterTribe site soon.

With the hopes of getting to CP 3 quickly, they have laid quite a challenge in front of them. Super Boo's team is hoping to cover the 62 miles that separate them from the next CP by completing a 20-hour straight push all the way to Flamingo. With the winds in their favor and sunny skies, they can do it!

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