Saturday, March 1, 2008

The Race Has Began!

Brian and Boo are on the ocean! Their Everglades Challenge adventure started at 7:00am this morning, under sunny skies. Temperatures are currently in the high 60's. They are paddling with Mark from Krueger canoes - sticking together and having fun! The race started in Tampa Bay and Brian, Boo and Mark decided to take the outside route to catch better wind. Boo had a bout of sea sickness this morning, but has recovered enough to enjoy a tortilla with peanut butter and honey and an apple for lunch. She's now completely recovered and is loving sailing on the ocean!
Riding 2-3 foot swells, they are working their way towards Venice Inlet to change into warmer night clothes. They have decided to stay in the Inter Coastal waterways for the night to be safe. The plan is to continue to paddle on to CP1 at Grand Tours tonight. Estimated time of arrival is 2-3:00am. Here are some pictures from their first few hours.

Spirits are high and everyone is having a great time. Updates will be posted as the come in - check back often!

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