Tuesday, March 4, 2008

High Winds, Big Weather

It sounds like the bad weather Super Boo's team has been expecting has finally arrived. It was slow going today, with strong head winds and big waves. Because of the strong weather, they have covered only 3 miles in the last 2.5 hours! Although the many dolphins they saw today brightened their spirits!

Sandy Bottom and River John forged ahead, while Brian, Boo and Mark decided to play it safe and pull off for a few hours. They are currently on Gullivan Key, and are planning on staying there to ride out the weather.

They will use this down time to re-fuel, re-pack, and rest up for the days ahead. Currently they are only 17 miles outside of CP 2, and should reach it within a few hours of getting back on the water - high winds pending!


Christy said...

Go Boo and Big Daddy "Da B", Welcome to the GOM. Have followed your adventure and have shared it with others in my office. Like Boo, I also have a big smile on my face. Hope you get favorable winds helping you into CP2 (island protected at that!) and beyond. Ramro Janus!
Christy in KTx

Anonymous said...

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